Hitsujiyama Park

By | November 24, 2013

hitsujiyama park 8

if you want to see all the land colored pink ? if yes , then in Japan there is a place called Hitsujiyama Park . This place is located close to the city of Chichibu , Saitama prefecture . One popular way to enjoy the beauty of moss pink in this park is to go to a festival or pink moss garden and look at the various designs that are made by adjusting the colors of moss pink .

In this garden flowers bloom Moss Pink or better known as Shibazakura in Japan . moss is a pink flower that grows close to the ground with a brilliant color , magenta , pink , and white . usually moss pink bloom in late April to pertenghan in May .

There are about 400,000 plant Shibazakura of eight varieties bloom from April to May in the Hill slope at the foot of Mount Buko Hitsujiyama , which is a symbol of Chichibu , thus creating a carpet of pink , purple and white elegant . Winding road will take you across the pink and purple hills overlooking the city . on the back Daisetsuzan capped mountains snow into the background and flowers decorate along your journey throughout the hills . Shibazakura addition , about 1,000 cherry trees , including Yoshino cherry , weeping cherry , and cherry trees planted double petals in the garden , blooming in April .


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